Special Issue: Nutritional Situation In Africa

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The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research is currently running a special issue with the view to updating the
nutritional situation in African countries.
It turns out that Africa (across the different countries) continues making unavoidable efforts to ameliorate the nutritional
situation over the African population with the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Rates of diet-related chronic disease are increasing globally. African countries have been witnessing over the last few
decades changes in lifestyle and a drastic shift from a traditional to an industrialized/westernized diet. This has led to an
unprecedented augmentation in the prevalence of obesity and overweight through reduction in physical activity, cancers, chronic
and metabolic diseases. However, African countries confront various significant political, economic, social and environmental
constraints to increased food insecurity. Thus, undernutrition continues affecting a large proportion of the population especially
children < 5y. and women at procreative age. Fighting micronutrient deficiencies remains a public health challenge in several African
countries. Besides to this double burden (under- and over-nutrition), the population aging a further important factor currently
affecting the nutrition landscape in Africa. Hence, an appropriate nutrition support should be provided to the elderly population to
ensure the expected well-being after the age of 60 y.
As a result, this special issue is dedicated to increasing and updating our knowledge on the nutrition situation in African
countries. It also provides for a compilation of efforts made in order to enhance them nutrition and health status of African population
and achieve SDGs.

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