Publishing special issues with NAJFNR

Our titles tend to feature at least one every volume. A special issue allows the journal to focus on a topic – often in a new or emerging area – and explore it in-depth or provide alternative perspectives.

Special issues can also collate the best papers presented at a conference. They can even take an interdisciplinary approach, helping to bridge the gap between subject areas.

A special issue is edited by one guest editor or more, a subject expert appointed by the editor in chief. You can find out more about their role and responsibilities in this section.

What makes an appropriate special issue?

  • Originality – a new or updated topic or approach;

  • A topic with wide appeal and relevance.

  • International content and/or readership.

  • Consistency in the papers. It could be that they share a common approach or theme, or they might offer comparative views on a single topic.

  • Authors who are active and important figures in the field.

  • A well-written guest editorial showing a real understanding of the value and import of the issue.

  • A guest editor(s) willing to invest the time required to commission and produce a strong issue. 

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