Update of the nutritional situation in the Republic of the Sudan

Howeida Abusalih (1) , Zeinab Abu Sabeib (2)
(1) rincess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University. College of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation , Saudi Arabia
(2) Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University. College of Nursing , Saudi Arabia


Sudan is situated in the north-eastern part of Africa. The population of the country is approximately 43 million, spread over of 1.88 million square kilometers. Although Sudan has great resources, most of the population suffer from poverty and food deficiency because the conflicts in the different parts of the country .The suffering was augmented by climatic drought and floods which resulted in food insecurity. Internal displacement population are in disadvantage regarding access to health services and are consequently more vulnerable to diseases and malnutrition.  In Sudan, thirty-three percent of the population suffered from food deprivation according to national survey of 2010. The prevalence of undernourishment was 31% and 34 % percent for urban and rural populations respectively. Furthermore, based on WHO epidemiologic criteria, the prevalence of stunting and wasting are classified as profound, 38.2%, for stunting which  is more than the average of the developing countries( 25%), wasting defined  as  low weight for height also has a higher prevalence in under-five in Sudan comparing it to the developing countries' average which are 16.8% and 8.9% respectively. Although recent national survey data are lacking, it is evident that micronutrient deficiencies are a major public health concern from the sporadic studies’ findings.  Not with standing these challenges, the government and the Federal Ministry of Health, move along to make progress towards nutrition and food security, some supplementation campaigns have been conducted but coverage of the population is still low. Sudan is one of the 61 countries that leading a global movement to end up malnutrition in its all forms.

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Howeida Abusalih
habusalih1@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Zeinab Abu Sabeib
Abusalih, H. ., & Abu Sabeib, Z. . (2020). Update of the nutritional situation in the Republic of the Sudan. The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 4(9), S17-S24. https://doi.org/10.51745/najfnr.4.9.S17-S24

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