North African Journal of Nutrition and Food Research
Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence in Nutrition Research
Guest Editors: Dr. Nada Benajiba, Dr. Prosper Chopera, Dr. Tonderayi Mathew Matsungo


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The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Nutrition Research presents an innovative opportunity to revolutionize our understanding of human health and well-being. This special issue invites researchers and scholars internationally to contribute their latest scientific findings and advancements within this dynamic field.
AI, with its sophisticated algorithms and computational prowess, offers unprecedented potential to analyze vast nutritional datasets and extract meaningful insights. From accurate dietary patterns assessment to predicting nutritional deficiencies, AI-driven approaches hold the key to unlocking new frontiers in nutritional science.


The Impact of AI in Nutrition Research
Advancements in AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing are already transforming how we approach nutrition research. AI algorithms can analyze dietary intake with high precision, identify patterns in eating behaviors, and even predict individual nutritional requirements based on diverse factors such as age, sex, and lifestyle.

Moreover, AI facilitates the discovery of novel correlations between dietary patterns and health outcomes. This paves the way for personalized nutrition interventions tailored to individual needs. By leveraging AIdriven analytics, researchers can uncover hidden relationships between dietary components and behaviors, and disease risk, leading to more targeted strategies for disease prevention and treatment.


AI Beyond Research: Applications for Public Health
Beyond enhancing research methodologies, AI plays a crucial role in promoting broader nutritional status and public health. AI-powered applications can empower individuals to make informed dietary choices through personalized recommendations and real-time feedback. These AI-driven solutions, delivered through mobile apps, wearable devices, or virtual assistants, have the potential to empower individuals to optimize their nutritional intake and improve overall health outcomes.


Scope of the Special Issue
We welcome submissions covering a broad spectrum of topics at the intersection of AI and Nutrition Research, including (but not limited to):
- AI-driven methods for dietary assessment
- Predictive modelling of individual nutritional requirements
- Development of personalized nutrition interventions
- Nutritional informatics and data analytics
- AI applications for dietary monitoring and behavior change
- Computational approaches to food composition analysis
- AI-enabled diagnosis and management of nutritional disorders


Call to Action
Join us in pioneering the utilization of Artificial Intelligence to advance our understanding of nutrition and promote better health outcomes for individuals and populations worldwide. Submit your original research papers, reviews, and case studies to contribute to this exciting and rapidly evolving field.


Submission Guidelines
- Manuscripts must adhere to the journal's established guidelines for submission.
- Submitted works will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure scientific rigor and quality.
- Accepted papers will be published in a special AI and Nutrition Research issue.


Key Deadlines
- Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 15/05/2024
- Closing date for manuscripts submission: 10/02/2025


For submission instructions and further details, please visit:
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Guest Editors: 


Nada Benajiba – African Nutrition Society
Dr. Nada Benajiba
PhD, Assistant Professor at Regional Designated Center of Nutrition AFRA/IAEA, (Ibn Tofail University-CNESTEN). Kenitra, Morocco
More about Dr. Benajiba: ResearchGate  /  Personal Website  /  Ansnet  /   Google Scholar
Prosper Chopera (@ProsperChopera) / X
Dr. Prosper Chopera
Phd Public Health Nutrition. Lecturer at University of Zimbabwe
More about Dr. Chopera: ResearchGate  /  Google Scholar   /  Institutional Webpage  /   
Tonderayi MATSUNGO | Senior Lecturer & Head of Department | PhD (Nutrition)  | University of Zimbabwe, Harare | UZ | Department of Nutrition Dietetics  and Food Sciences (DNDFS) | Research profile
Dr. Tonderayi Mathew Matsungo
Phd Nutrition,  Senior Lecturer & Head of Department at University of Zimbabwe
More about Dr. Matsungo: ResearchGate  /  Google Scholar   /  Ansnet  /  Institutional Webpage  



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