Nutritional Immunology and Reproduction

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Manuscripts submitted to this category should fall within the scope of the Journal based on the respective immunological and nutritional focus.

The section will disseminate clinical and mechanistic research related to the modulation of immune responses by foods, dietary ingredients and natural products. The focus will be on human health and biomedical applications.

The section includes also the inter-relationships between reproduction, nutrition and development as well as their local and central regulations.

Topic list:

• Translational nutritional immunology research.
• Mechanisms of action of food ingredients and natural products on the innate and adaptive immune responses.
• Effects and mechanisms of food ingredients and immune imprinting.
• Immunoregulatory mechanisms of dietary compounds during infectious diseases.
• Effects of food, natural products and nutrients on tolerance, autoimmunity and cancer.
• Dietary modulation of microbiota composition, function and metabolism and immune effects.
• Food and low-grade chronic inflammation.
• Modulation of immune responses by dietary components in inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, diabetes and obesity.
• Implementation of systems biology methodologies in nutritional immunology research and discovery.
• Computational modeling of the modulation of immune responses by dietary components, natural products and oral drugs.
• Modulation of immunometabolic processes by dietary ingredients and foods.
• Medical foods, functional foods and nutritional supplements that modulate immune responses.
• Nutritional immunology applications in personalized medicine.

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