Bioactive molecules of grape

Farida Benmeziane (1)
(1) Department of Agronomic Sciences, Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life, University of Chadli Bendjedi, El-Tarf. PB 73. El-Tarf 36000 , Algeria


The aim of this review article is to provide literature on the grape antioxidants. A very thorough literature search was conducted to describe the bioactive molecules of grapes with antioxidant power. Grape, fruit of wide culture, is very consumed and especially appreciated by the populations of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). Grape is a very energetic and refreshing fruit, so it is recommended for the feeding of children and athletes. Not only grape is a tonic provider, but it is also very nutritious because of the elements it contains, such as vitamin C and many group B vitamins. Moreover, grape contains several bioactive molecules with antioxidant character, which have beneficial effects for the human health. Many studies have also shown its effects following the frequent consumption of grapes or grape juice.

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Farida Benmeziane (Primary Contact)
Benmeziane, F. . (2018). Bioactive molecules of grape. The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 2(3), 59–68.

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